Making art allows me to observe how moments pass one by one, blending into one another. Each breath and each instance of confrontation with my materials is a new experience in which to gain insight into the realm of the subconscious. I retreat to the inner word in order to synthesize the chaos, elation, and suffering in the outer world. My practice exposes the Chitta Vritti or “monkey mind” that chatters when the outer world seeps into my own inner world.  Through visual art making, I accept my inner dialog and attempt to harness awareness of it.

 My drawing, painting, and fiber work illustrate Chitta Vritti to produce a union between the body and the mind. The physical contact with my materials is where I feel the extension of my inner world come into visual form. I often forgo the use of the sense of sight in order to create a moment where my intention is turned from the unreal, ever-changing world, to the real constant and consistent state of simply being. Closing one of the obtuse portals of stimulation from the outside heightens my vision of the subtle. 

The body is the ultimate tool for translation from the unreal to the real. The flow of my brush on the canvas, pen or the paper, or the twisting dance of my fingers crocheting is a meditation practice. The repetitive action of crocheting with my fingers and hands allows my mind to become fixated on the rhythms in my body that carry my consciousness from moment to moment. Each knot is a union; each knot is my yoga, or yoke, between mind and body.